Arenovation is a research project funded by VINNOVA (The Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems) run by Innovation Impact. The University of Borås is a partner of importance due to Professor Olov Forsgren as responsible for the research in the project. This is a project about use of technology and development of services to further enhance and deepen the visitors´ experience before, during, and after visiting the arena, and how this can lead to new products, business, and growth.

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The project develops new user driven service innovation processes, focusing on the sport and cultural arena on a regional, national and international level. The project is based on both the concentration of a number of Swedish regions and on Beijing, China, cooperating with many actors. Arena visitors will participate in all phases of the service development of generalized service innovation processes and to develop new services and activities. The service innovation process is based on a vision of a  development of services where the role of research in particular is to take care of the problem that arises where new knowledge is needed in real time during the ongoing process of service innovation.