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Bioethanol, Bioethylene and Biopolyethylene (bioPE)

There is very little “green” or bio-based polyethylene production produced in the world today, although the demand is very high and ever increasing. The goal is to study, document and remove some of the factors that hinder present Swedish establishment of such industrial enterprises.

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Bioethylene (bioE), and thus biopolyethylene (bioPE), will be produced from bioethanol and one way to improve business opportunities is to increase the raw material flexibility. We will thus perform research for introduction of waste lignocellulose and starch from the cereal value development process into a specified commercial bioethanol process in Sweden. BioE and bioPE production will be compared to fossil production.

This will take place though comparison of cost, quality and GHG footprint from production of 1-3 selected PE-products of different quality. Data will be provided and evaluated by all partners in the value development chain from owners of sustainable biomass waste to the end consumer.

After the project is finished we expect to have: i) detected and quantified some of the critical points for the implementation of production in Sweden and ii) we have established strong links between the players of the value development chain that are invaluable in order to take appropriate action for the large scale implementation.

In this, we will document a common partner opinion of the obstacles and possible solutions for such establishment in Sweden.