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Boosting the biological recovery of elemental sulphur from flue gases through multi-enzymatic systems

The aim of this project is the development of a multi-step biological process boosted by enzymatically enriched reactors able to recover elemental sulfur from flue gases.

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Robust and economical, biological treatment has attracted large interest as a process for treating wastewater and waste gases. A substantial amount of research efforts have been devoted to this topic in recent years since bioreactors offer a cost-effective and environmental friendlyalternative to conventional control technologies. In addition, resource recovery has recently become a must for consolidating environmental technologies in the market. We aim at the removal of SO2 contained in combustion offgases as well as sulfate-rich waste waters by means of a combination of biological reactors enriched with thermotolerant enzymes that allow recovering elemental sulfur, a marketable product, with large efficiencies.