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Collaboration model asylum seekers and newly arrived

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In civil society, great efforts are being made by associations and organisations to promote integration and inclusion in society and working life. These efforts may vary over time, and have more than once relied on committed individuals. But how can public administration create functional structures on an institutional level that promote individuals’ long-term inclusion in society?

With funding from Region Västra Götaland’s development board, ongoing evaluation and research is being conducted in two pilot projects, in Götene and Karlsborg municipalities during autumn 2017 and spring 2018. These municipalities have received financial support from VGR to start possibly model-building activities.

The overall aim of the pilot project is to contribute to knowledge in how to create durable structures for integration and inclusion of asylum seekers and the newly arrived in the region. (Here: newly arrived=people with permanent or temporary residence permit, who have come to Sweden the last three years). The ongoing evaluation and research will follow and document the conditions and terms for collaborations between these two municipalities, including authorities and the civil society, as well as the effects that newly established welcome centres may have on the target group.