Creation of an online registry throughout the chain of care

Start date


Pilot project

Acute pain/discomfort in the chest

One of the major shortcomings in current healthcare is the lack of communication between the various links in the chain of care. Perhaps the most typical example is patients or witnesses calling SOS Alarm because of various symptoms. In these cases, there are often four links in a chain of care where an assessment is made in each link as follows:

  1. The emergency service operator at SOS Alarm
  2. Medical personnel in the ambulance
  3. Medical personnel at the casualty department 
  4. Medical personnel at the nursing department

The study tests the hypothesis that an online model can be created where the chain of care can be viewed from each link in order to study which assessment was made and which final diagnosis the patient received.
This type of system would be invaluable for the individual caregiver who can receive feedback on their own assessment. Such a system could also form the basis of systematic evaluations at different levels in the chain of care with respect to the precision in assessing various conditions.
A working party will be created to solve this problem. The pilot project will be made up of patients with acute pain/discomfort in the chest.
The study is in the preliminary planning phase.