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Developing of process for increased ethanol production using filamentous fungi

The aim of this collaboration project is to, at demonstration scale, further verify and develop the process concept developed in a previous project (41244-1). An edible filamentous fungi ferment cellulose and hemicellulose from thin stillage, resulting in 3 % increase in ethanol yield, production of feed products and reduced production costs due to energy efficiency.

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There is also potential to use other lignocellulosic raw materials, such as straw orwood-based materials. In order to make the concept economical feasible, several risks and uncertainties must be reduced. It will mainly be achieved by increased robustness of the cultivation, optimized integration with existing production and increased knowledge of the interaction between substrate and fungi. The project results can be used as a basis for commercialization in existing starch - and sugar based ethanol plants. For Lantmännen Agroetanol, a full-scale commercialization is achievable in 2020 with up to 5000m3 of ethanol/year.