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Evaluating the Use of Remote Collaboration Technology in Organizations

Start date


As the use of remote collaborative technologies grows in all kinds of contexts, it becomes more important to evaluate and measure their value for organizations. The project of the University of Borås financed by Knowledge Foundation (KKS) is directed towards planning a comprehensive study to find the best ways and indicators for comparison of different remote collaboration technologies. The plan has to be developed together with business partners and based on their needs. Potential partners for the project that have expressed interest in the idea are: Ericsson, Tandberg, and AstraZeneca.

The expected outcomes of the project are:

  • Network of academic and business organizations working on evaluation of the usage of RCT;
  • Interdisciplinary group of information management, RCT, telecom, sociology, communication and information science specialists and researchers;
  • The pilot study revealing particular strength of the partners;
  • Design of a further research project related to evaluation of different remote collaboration technologies.