Fashion and interaction design

Fashion design has its foundation in the design and production of garment. Textbooks speak about silhouette, line, texture and rhythm, contrast, balance etc. respectively as central elements and principles of garment design. These notions refer to basic formal and expressional aspects of garments and clothing as such.

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But fashion design is not only a matter of expressing the functions of clothing or the form of garments, what we do, in some sense, is also to express people, i.e. to define the way in which they present themselves to us. Garment making becomes world making as we define wearing intentions (what we do dressing and wearing) through wearing expressions (what garment does dressing and expressing us).

As an empirical phenomenon – and problem – fashion has been the subject for numerous sociological, psychological, ethnographical, economical studies. Fashion is also certainly present in art history, cultural studies, there is critical work in the areas of fashion aesthetics and fashion theory etc. But research as to develop the practice of fashion design itself in a systematic manner has a more weak position in academia.