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INCITE - Information Fusion as an E-Service in Scholarly Information Use

The numbers of scholarly publications and their accumulated bulk have risen substantially in the recent times. Whereas a literature review in a near past would have involved reading and analysing a few hundred articles, today such an endeavour becomes a challenge when the relevant publications extent to thousands, or tens of thousands of items.

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Thus, the production of scholarly literature reviews or overviews of research fields has become a major challenge particularly in multidisciplinary fields where publications from many different areas may be of interest. The traditional bibliometric method of assessing centrality of either the publications or the authors by means of traditional citation analyses have been shown to be problematic. Multiplicity of publication outlets, including a flourishing of open access journals and depositories not included in citation indexes, complicate the situation further.

It is not always possible to identify the most relevant sources of information that should be observed. The labour intensive evaluation of document and source relevance by individual researchers is no longer adequate. To address these challenges we have witnessed the arrival of various data-mining, content analysis, and visualization tools which can be used in algorithmic analysis and visualization of bibliographic data. Nevertheless, problems remain. Consequently, this project identifies a need for a thorough assessment of current approaches as well as the development of new improved methods and tools that can be of service to researchers. 

Researchers from University of Borås:
Nasrine Olson (project leader), nasrine.olson@hb.se, 033-435 4318
Björn Hammarfelt, bjorn.hammarfelt@hb.se
Gustaf Nelhans, gustaf.nelhans@hb.se, 033-435 5985
Jan Nolin, jan.nolin@hb.se, 033-435 4336

Researchers from University of Skövde:
Alexander Karlsson, alexander.karlsson@his.se, 0500-448 332
Göran Falkman, goran.falkman@his.se, 0500-448335
Joe Steinhauer, joe.steinhauer@his.se, 0500-448822

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