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Increased profitability of biogas production from waste through new substrates and optimized substrate utilization

The biogas industry has during long time struggled with poor profitability, where critical bottlenecks are limited substrate supply and suboptimal substrate utilization. The problem is complex and ranges from aspects related to the biochemical composition of the substrates and the anaerobic digestion process to regulations, competition and alternative use.

Diary number

Dnr FO2013-39

Start date


End date


This project will clarify, with a substrate  focus, the knowledge available at Swedish biogas plants and in the scientific world and, based on this, identify bottlenecks and fins solutions for increasing biogas production and improved environmental and economic conditions, The objective is to identify, focusing on substrate:

  • Limitations
  • Improvement potential
  • Possible environmental and economic benefits
  • Future challenges

The aim is to quantify:

  • The potential for improved utilization of existing substrates
  • The effect of different strategies for achieving improved substrate utilization in terms of economy and environment
  • The effect of introducing new biogas substrates with respect to economy and environment

Project Manager

  • Marika Murto och My Carlsson, AnoxKaldnes