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In this research project, managing is analysed in terms of relations, exchanges and responsibilities and in relation to innovativity. Our focus is on the relations between managers - co-workers and the social exchange, for example services, appreciation, respect, trust and responsibility. This view has a strong support in international research about leadership and is particularly well suited in a Scandinavian context where shared responsibility and fairly democratic leadership are common. The project is highly relevant to Swedish work life not the least since it emphasises organisation practices based on good relations. The main collaborative partner Volvo fulfils an important task as co-producer and receiver of the results but also as a potential organisational model. The theoretical contribution consists of: a) a development of the LMX theory to include a co-workership perspective, b) to insert a stronger emphasis on responsibility in LMX theory, c) to adapt LMX theory to the Scandinavian model of management/leadership.

Since 2010-04-01 University of Skövde is the Lead beneficiary for the project. University of Borås is no longer involved in the project.


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