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Learning, Interaction and Mediated Communication in Contemporary Society (LinCS)

LinCS is a national centre of excellence funded by the Swedish Research Council (2006-cont.) and with additional funding from several agencies. LinCS is a collaboration between several research groups at the University of Gothenburg and the University of Borås.

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The members of the LinCS team engage in empirical research on learning and interaction in a sociocultural perspective. Central to the agenda is the exploration of the role of media, in particular digital media, for the current transformation of learning practices inside and outside educational institutions. The focus is on analysing learning practices in educational settings, at work places (hospitals, industry etc.), in gaming and contexts of play, and in other everyday activities. An additional interest is in contributing to in-depth analyses of learning and communication by developing methods of video documentation and analysis.

The participating researchers at the University of Borås are particularly active in the research area of Literacies, media and infrastructures for learning. The research interests focus on how learners accommodate to learning in digital environments and how they develop literacy and media skills required by, and relevant for, the new media ecology. This includes an interest in the role and use of infrastructures for learning such as libraries and electronic resources for information storage and retrieval, and in analysing the manners in which information is organized and used in such electronic facilities. A related interest concerns the access to and use of new arenas of communication, learning and networking made available through the Internet.