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Packaging in a circular economy

This study is a part of the studies that the research group, Resource Management, is doing at the Centre of Resource Recovery at the University of Borås. This research group has pioneer research to investigate the links between users and the technical system in the waste management field. From a circular economy and sustainable development perspective, the most important parameter is how to involve the user to a technical system such as a waste management system in order to get the most effective results.

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The proposed project aims to:

  • explore consumer perspective about plastic packaging in order to find a way to minimize plastic packagingconsumption and/or to prepare them for material recirculation
  • explore the link between consumers and the rest of the plastic packaging supply chain i.e., design and production ofplastic packaging and as a result, to develop guidelines and advice for packaging designers and producers for makingpackaging more sustainable in the context of a circular economy.