Prehospital assessment and care of patients experiencing shortness of breath

There is a lack of knowledge on how patients with dyspnoea experience their situation prehospitally. In addition, it is sparingly explored how patients who experience shortness of breath are assessed and cared for by ambulance staff.

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There are knowledge gaps regarding patients' experiences, as well as the ambulance care and the significance of the assessment in the acute situation, during continued care, as well as in connection with final diagnosis and long-term follow-up regarding the health and well-being of the patient.

In the project entitled "Prehospital assessment and care of patients experiencing shortness of breath", studies are currently underway where data are collected from patients seeking ambulance care due to shortness of breath. Information is collected and processed at Södra Älvsborg's Hospital and Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

If you have any questions about the studies, you are welcome to contact me for further information.