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Research on the NAP project (Network Activity and Participation)

The project is conducted within the framework of the Research Council for Intercultural Dialogue

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The purpose of the project is to enable newcomers who participate in the so-called establishment to participate in the association life for a number of hours to establish contacts with idea-based organizations and thus contacts with central actors and individuals in the community. The project will, among other things, be language-promoting and promote inclusion in social life. The Research Council for Intercultural Dialogue receives funding through the Västra Götaland Region's Regional Development Board to conduct follow-up research during 2019.

The assignment includes participating in various meetings (working group, steering group, reference group, etc.), conducting interviews with actors representing management and the operational activities, as well as representatives of the association and the target group (newly arrived). Documentation will open in the form of descriptions and analyzes based on follow-up research within NAP in the West and in relation to documentation from similar projects (eg NAP in Skåne).

The project is ongoing during the period January 2019 - February 2020 and is being implemented in two sub-regions in Västra Götaland (Gothenburg region and the Skaraborg area, respectively).