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Supporting information practices of refugees in transition and resettlement – (SpIRiT) project

The study, which is part of a larger program, investigates the information experiences of refugees as they transition and resettle into Swedish communities. The research team is interested in identifying the compelling information issues that refugees face when they transition and resettle, and how they access, use and share information to support their transition and integration into the community.

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The first phase of the study has focused on interviewing refugees about their information experiences during transition and resettlement processes. The team has employed a number of techniques including a photo voice technique which allows participants the opportunity to actively participate in the project.

In the second phase of the study program researchers will investigate how public libraries in Sweden are supporting the information needs of refugees and their families.

To complement this project the research team has also undertaken a bibliometric survey of the research landscape of refugee studies to identify potential issues and areas for future studies.