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Sustainable Distance Shopping

The research project Sustainable Distance Shopping aims to show how companies in the fashion industry, within the integrated e-commerce segment, can business process orientate the entire corporation from a demand perspective.

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Co-creation and Process Orientation

In line with the increasing globalization and the international trade, the competition for final consumers is leading to lower consumer prices and shorter life cycles for products. Companies are therefore trying to find and develop new competitive products and pricing in addition to a stronger focus on adding service values. The increased competition with shorter lead times and more products on the market will unfortunately cause problems for organizations which are not adapting to these new times. Co-creation is a business strategy that emphasizes the development and implementation of mutual values between a business and its customers. Deficiencies in the interaction can probably be linked to difficulties with the process integration within a more traditional organization. These companies has nothing to gain by being process oriented, if they are not able to process orient the rest of their operations to the same process objectives, i.e. how to measure, monitor and reward the organization along the way to strengthening its competitive position in the customer perspective.

The project Sustainable Distance Shopping consists of a feasibility study on co-creation and process orientation and a main study to further develop the concept and connect it with the continued development of effective customer returns management. The project will take advantage, develop and integrate knowledge in the fields of textile and fashion design, textile production, information systems and data, distribution, logistics and demand chain management (DCM), returns management, marketing, branding and social media, and includes commercial and legal aspects. Collaboration will take place with mail order companies, IT companies and organizations with a "triple helix" approach.

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