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Treatment and recycling of resources from fly ash from waste incineration

Fly ash from waste incineration is a residual stream from the Swedish energy system. It is often classified as hazardous waste, for which there are no long term sustainable solutions available in Sweden.

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The project’s vision is that fly ash should be treated so that its components can be recycled instead of landfilled and the aim is to examine how this could be done, e.g. through recycling of metals, phosphorous and other components and that the residues can be used for e.g. construction purposes. Such handling will contribute to an increase of resource recycling and waste minimization from the Swedish energy system. In the project, knowledge gaps regarding treatment of fly ash from waste incineration will be identified and prioritized with the aim of reaching the project’s vision. The work will be based on earlier results, with a focus on resource efficiency and environmental issues. The proposed treatment process must be resource efficient and technoeconomically feasible.