Regarding the novel coronavirus: The University of Borås has extended yellow level until 8 November. Yellow level means that university operations are to continue but that physical contact should be minimised as much as possible. The university has moved over to online instruction as far as possible. Stay updated.

Pedagogical work

One of the prerequisites for developing a social and sustainable society is high quality education, from pre-school and primary school to vocational training and higher education. Pedagogical work deals with issues of relevance to society in general and education in particular. The area contains pedagogical, general didactic and subject-didactic issues. The purpose is to contribute with knowledge that better allows us to understand the obstacles that may hinder us from taking advantage of the full potential of education, as well as knowledge in how such obstacles may be mastered and how to develop alternative possibilities.

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Pedagogical work
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About our research

One of the main goals for this area is to increase the number of teachers with doctoral degree within both the teacher education and the educational system. A doctoral studies program with focus on fulfilling the needs of schools and municipalities and to develop new collaborative forms between University and municipality within this field is important for University of Borås.

Four related areas create the subject of pedagogical work: teacher education and teacher work, didactics of schools subjects, preschool, preschool classes and after-school activities, including and excluding in pedagogical activities and finally the operations preschools, preschool classes and after-school activities.   

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