Regarding the novel coronavirus: The University of Borås has extended yellow level until 8 November. Yellow level means that university operations are to continue but that physical contact should be minimised as much as possible. The university has moved over to online instruction as far as possible. Stay updated.

Caring, Health, and Learning (VHäL)

We conduct research in caring science with focus on caring, health, and learning.

Caring, Health, and Learning

VHäL is the Swedish acronym for the research group that  A main focus is on creating and maintaining conditions for good healthcare and professional care, issues about people’s health, well-being and illnesses, as well as learning in relation to health and caring.

Examples of research areas are:

  • Healthcare communication, caring conversations and interactions
  • Patient/person centred care
  • Patient safety and high quality healthcare
  • Children’s and young people’s health
  • Childbearing and delivery
  • Learning and reflection
  • Simulation and learning environments

We conduct research in collaboration with the community and the demands of the healthcare sector. Within the research group, there is a creative and positive critical environment where ongoing research, research questions, and project ideas are discussed. Several research projects involve students.