Logistics Research is based on engineering science and sees logistics as a natural part of supply chains.

Efficient, safe and sustainable logistics solutions have become increasingly important for companies and organisations involved in the global and domestic trade in goods and services. An increased interest in efficient, safe and environmentally sustainable transport, increased consumer interest in the safe and sustainable production, as well as increased legal requirements concerning environmental impact, safety and traceability have brought new challenges and competitive advantages for companies in  domestic and international supply chains.
Logistics Research at the Department of Engineering is based on engineering science and sees logistics as a natural part of supply chains. The research covers the following areas:

  1. Risk and safety management
  2. Freight transport
  3. Environmental, social and economic sustainability
  4. Inventory and production (LEAN management)
  5. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  6. E-commerce

The research is conducted through collaboration between industry, academia and society (triple helix) with the aim of spreading knowledge from academia to society. Through research and joint research-related activities with actors of the society , the department gives support to companies, while new theory-based models are created which can be used in the development of safe and sustainable logistics systems and business.  From a systems perspective and theories of sustainable logistics, security, risk management, and ICT, these models increases the safety, efficiency, sustainability, integration and communication in  supply chains.

The department’s main focus on management of risk and safety, transport and logistics linked to e-commerce is based in the university's tradition of combining technology and economics. This focus is grounded on the department’s ambition to become the leading centre in Sweden in the fields of supply chain risk management (SCRM), as well as e-commerce based on collaboration with industry, universities, and research institutes. At the same time, the research focus of the department is unique in relation to research on logistics and supply chain management (SCM) conducted at other research institutions.

Research collaboration

The Department of Engineering has an extensive network of research collaboration. Regional and local interaction takes place with faculties at the University of Borås and companies and organisations in the private and public sectors. Nationally we collaborate with institutions and departments at other universities, colleges, and research institutes. Internationally, the department interacts with countries such as Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Malaysia, England, and Scotland. Collaboration between the section's researchers and other researchers is conducted both in the form of coordinated activities and through activities related to individual researchers