RCIW - Research and Capability in Inclusion and Welfare

Research and Capability in Inclusion and Welfare focuses on inclusion.

Forskare i RCIW har möte

The Department of Education has been conducting research for several years on inclusion that has attracted national and international attention. Since 2011, inclusion has been one of the key objectives of the new teacher education programme at the University of Borås.

The RCIW is led by Professors Bengt Persson and Julie Allan and consists of six postdoctoral researchers. RCIW is a collaborative network with the task of further developing inclusion in education and society, and thus meeting the requirements of a sustainable society with a particular focus on vulnerable groups.

The research and development activities have a strong basis in practice and may consist of assessment visits, training, follow-up research or evaluation of educational settings. RCIW's primary focus is on inclusive education and is based on current Swedish and international research. Practical examples of what can be offered include scientific reports and other documents, data processing and analysis as well as skills development. The work is aimed at long-and short-term co-operation with authorities and local governments and other stakeholders nationally and internationally. There is a particularly close and long-term cooperation with National Agency for Special Education.

Inclusion is of great significance for school and society. For example, it has a prominent place within the OECD, EU, UNESCO and WHO. Several of the Nordic countries are working actively to reduce the percentage of pupils in special groups and to create instead opportunities for all students to learn together in inclusive settings. This leads to increased demands on both policy-oriented and practice-oriented research as a basis for political positions both nationally and locally.