Textile Material Technology

We focus on the development of advanced functional and smart materials as well as novel, resource-effective processes to produce such materials. Innovation is created in a unique research environment with close connection to the textile industry.

Important research areas are for example in: natural fibres, synthetic fibres, yarn spinning, knitting, weaving, 3D structures, polymers, textile composites, interface and surface science, (bio)catalysis, chemistry, biotechnology, digital technologies (inkjet, 2D and 3D printing), coating, printing, dyeing, nanotechnologies, conductive and piezo-electric materials, as well as novel processes to produce textile materials in a more effective and efficient way.

At the University of Borås research in textile material technology also focuses on fibres and textiles from renewable resources as well as reuse of fibres via chemical, mechanical, physical-chemical or biotechnological means.

On-going Research Projects

  • WearITmed – Wearable sensors in smart textiles
  • Digital inkjet printing with photochromic materials for smart textile applications
  • KK Prospekt 14
  • Design, textiles and sustainable development as a part of the strategic collaboration Borås-Skövde
  • Tex Bar (Mistra)
  • SMDTex
  • Functional coatings with dynamic expressions
  • Eurofinish

Finished Research Project

  • I-Tex – Smart application of innovative textile materials for a healthier patient-side hospital environment
  • Digifun – Digital micro-disposal of functionalities on textile for workwear and sportswear
  • HybTex – Producing hybrid textile-like materials with wood fibers and papermaking processes
  • ReCyCol – Reversible dyeing technologies for a sustainable textile industry