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Viktor Aldrin

Viktor Aldrin

Senior Lecturer

Department of Teacher Education

Phone: 033-4354368

E-mail: viktor.aldrin@hb.se

Room number: B513

Signature: VIAL

M.A. (2004), M.Sc. (2012), D.Th. (2010), Excellent Teaching Practitioner ETP (2015)

I am, since the year 2016, Senior Lecturer in Social Sciences Education, with a special focus on Religious Education. My doctoral thesis (the University of Gothenburg, 2010) was ”Prayer in Peasant Communities: A Contras of Ideals and Practices” (published by Mellen Press, 2011). Before coming to the University of Borås, I have been working at the University of Gothenburg and Halmstad University; as visiting fellow at Cambridge University, Helsinki University and Lund University; and as school teacher at Upper Secondary schools in Lund, Halmstad and Helsingborg.

My research is organised within the fields of Theology and Educational sciences. These academic fields share a common history, but has in the past decades often been seen as opposites. As researcher in both academic fields, I strive to make them interact and to make contributions in both academic fields. My research is mainly focused on a system level and on public schools or higher education.

Educational perspectives on Theology
How and in what ways are Education used in Theology? How does church denominations work to educate it's clergy? How do priests educate parishioners, and how do the parishioners educate their priests? These kind of questions are at the focal point of my research on educational perspectives on Theology. My academic plattform is Practical Theology, juxtaposed with Educational Science.

Theological perspectives on Education
How can education in a postsecular society become broader and deeper through the aid of religion? How can hope be found for the future of education through the use of religious perspectives? How can Theological research and practice of Interreligious dialogue and Ethics contribute to a multicultural plural society? Questions such as these are at the heart of my research on Theological perspectives on Education. My stance is within the field of Practical Theology with aims at Educational Research.

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Title of Dissertation

Prayer in Peasant Communities: A Contrast of Ideals and Practices


Research Groups


Member of the Scientific Council of Pedagogical Work, University of Borås.

Member of the Governing Board of the University of Borås as a teacher representative 2017-2020.

Expert for the Swedish National Encyclopaedia, in the subject of Christianity.

Previous assignments
External reviewer of the Church of Sweden’s Educational Institute and its training in Pastoral Care (2015) 

Technical Assistant Editor for The Annuals of Church History in Sweden (2004–2009)

Visiting Fellow
Goethe University Frankfurt, Faculty of Protestant Theology (Maj-June 2018)

Lund University, Centre for Theology and Religious Studies (2005–2016)

Cambridge University, Faculty of Divinity (2008)

The University of Helsinki, Faculty of Theology and the Finnish Literary Society (2007)