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Patrik Aspers

Patrik Aspers


Department of Business Administration and Textile Management

E-mail: patrik.aspers@hb.se

Room number: U420

Signature: PAAS

Professor Patrik Aspers is a sociologist. His research focuses on basic social issues. Based on research on the question-complex of order and being, he has studied social interaction forms. Empirically, fashion has been the main topic, and a large number of his published articles and books deal with fashion.

Of particular interest is coordination. Markets are the coordination form that has been most in focus. What is a market, how do markets relate to other forms of coordination, organization and networking?

Aspers has been awarded a European Starting Grant Project, which runs five years, starting in year 2011. The project addresses coordination by evaluating within and outside the economy.

For more information on the reported research, see for example, the following books:

  • "Orderly Fashion, A Sociology of Markets" (Princeton University Press 2010), more about the book here.
  • "Markets" (Polity Press 2011), more about the book here.
  • "The Worth of Goods: Valuation and Pricing in the Economy" (Edited with Jens Beckert, Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2011), more about the book here.

Title of Dissertation

Markets in Fashion, A Phenomenological Approach (2001) Stockholm: City University Press (2nd. ed published by Routledge 2006)