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Anders Bremer

Anders Bremer

Senior Lecturer

Department of Caring Science

Phone: 033-4354714

E-mail: anders.bremer@hb.se

Room number: E710

Signature: ABR

Subject area: Caring Science

Specialisation: Ethics of care, ethical problems within Emergency Medical Services, prehospital emergency care

My research and area of interest focuses on assessment, decision-making, and caring in ambulance care, especially in situations where paramedics and prehospital emergency nurses are faced with ethical problems. Research about handling these problems is crucial together with increased knowledge of how paramedics' values influence decision-making and the prevalence of moral distress and compassion fatigue among paramedics. My research deals with ethical issues in situations where patients suffer from cardiac arrest and sudden death and where family members are in need of nursing care.

A related area that is part of my research concerns the quality of life and health of patients who have survived cardiac arrest and their families’ situation. Another area of research regards how knowledge in health sciences can contribute to early identification of suspected sepsis.

Title of Dissertation

At the border of existence – Ethical caring and professional responsibility in the context of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests. Department of Health and Caring Sciences, Linnaeus University, 2012. (While the framework is in Swedish, the dissertation is comprised of four articles in English).



Supervision of doctoral students

  • Johan Israelsson, Linköpings universitet