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Simonetta Carbonaro

Simonetta Carbonaro

Department of Business Administration and Textile Management

Mobile: +491726829228

E-mail: simonetta.carbonaro@hb.se

Signature: SIC

I work as professor within the field of consumer psychology, humanistic marketing and sustainability-driven business design. I carry out research in the area of consumer ethos and behaviour, forecasting the directions consumer culture is moving in.

For more than 10 years I have been teaching and researching at the Domus Academy postgraduate design school in Milan, Italy. Since 2002 I have been professor in Design Management at The Swedish School of Textiles, where I have been teaching the Art of Business course at master level since 2003 and leading The Design of Prosperity (TDP) initiative www.thedesignofprosperity.se since 2006.

Since then TDP interdisciplinary research conferences, workshops and events have been co-financed by organizations, institutions and academic realities as Stiftelsen Förenings Sparbanken Sjuhärad, Västra Götalandsregionen, TEKO Swedish Textile & Clothing Industries Association, Borås Stad, the School of Business and Law - Göteborg University, The Swedish School of Textiles and the University of Borås, the London College of Fashion - University of the Arts London.

Title of Dissertation

Psychological implications in the use of the every-day life objects