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Thomas Eriksson

Thomas Eriksson

Senior Lecturer

Department of Caring Science

Phone: 033-4354782

E-mail: thomas.eriksson@hb.se

Room number: E716

Signature: THER

Area: Caring Science.

Focus: High-tech care environments

Have a background in emergency care since the mid 70s. Have worked as a nurse in the emergency room, anaesthesia and intensive care. UN service in Lebanon. Nursing teaching instructor with a background as instructor and director of studies at the School of Health Sciences in Borås during the late 1990s. Have worked for ten years as a clinical lecturer at the Sahlgrenska CIVA with attachment to the University of Gothenburg.  Returned to the university in 2011 and now works as a Senior Lecturer in charge of the specialist nursing education programme in anaesthesia care. Teaches at all levels of our courses at the Faculty. My field of research is emergency and prehospital care.

Title of Dissertation

Eriksson, T. ((2012). Relatives' visits to patients being treated in intensive care. Dissertation, Department of Health and Care Sciences, University of Gothenburg, http://hdl.handle.net/2077/29207


Research Groups

High-tech health care environments

What can we do to improve rooms in a high-tech environment?

Read about the research on aspects of intensive care in high-tech environments.