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Camilla Eskilsson

Camilla Eskilsson

Senior Lecturer

Department of Caring Science

Phone: 033-4354756

E-mail: camilla.eskilsson@hb.se

Room number: D728

Signature: COO

I work as a lecturer and a PhD student within the field of The Human Perspective in Care where I focus on caring and learning based on lifeworld theory. I have worked at the University of Borås since 2008. Before that, I worked as a nurse within hospital and in-home health care. The 4th of March I will defend my thesis: Caring and Learning are Intertwined in Genuine Encounters—Experiences, Conditions and Responsibilities in a Dedicated Education Unit. 


Principal Supervisor


  • Margaretha Ekebergh, Elisabeth Lindberg, båda Högskolan Borås samt Ulrica Hörberg, Linnéuniversitetet