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Li Guo

Li Guo


Department of Textile Technology

Phone: 033-4354522

E-mail: li.guo@hb.se

Room number: U303

Signature: GUO

I work as a postdoc researcher at the department of textile technology with a focus on developing textile sensors and electrodes in the area of medical and healthcare.

Currently, I work in a research project 'A Smart Textile Platform for Personalised Textiles with a Special Focus on Prosthetics’; the project is supported by The Knowledge Foundation (KK- Stifelsen). The project, ongoing for two years, aims to develop smart textile solutions to improve user comfort by developing a personalised prosthetic sock.

The project will combine cutting edge technology of smart textiles at the University of Borås and the industrial knowledge of 3 partners Integrum AB, Bola AB and Lindhe Xtend AB.

I have been at the University of Borås since 2009. Before that, I studied textile engineering at Ghent University, Belgium. I obtained the Ph.D degree from Tampere University of Technology, Finland in June 2014.


Principal Supervisor