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Jutta Haider

Jutta Haider


Swedish School of Library and Information Science

Phone: 033-435 4167

E-mail: jutta.haider@hb.se

Room number: C526

Signature: JUHA

I am Professor in Information Studies. My research interests concern information practices and digital cultures' conditions for production, use and distribution of knowledge and information. This includes research on environmental information and on knowledge institutions, including encyclopedias, search engines, and the scholarly communication system.

I currently work on the project "Algorithms and Literacies" (2018-2021, Swedish Research Council). I am also part of the Mistra Environmental Communication research program (2019-2023).

At University of Borås I lead the research group "Information Practices" (with Ola Pilerot).

My recent book "Invisible Search and Online Search Engines: The ubiquity of search in everyday life" (with Olof Sundin), was published by Routledge 2019.


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