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Åsa Israelsson-Skogsberg

Åsa Israelsson-Skogsberg

Doctoral Student

Department of Caring Science

Phone: 033-4354709

E-mail: asa.israelsson-skogsberg@hb.se

Room number: E531

Signature: ASIS

I work as a doctoral student in the research area The Human Perspective in Care. My project is about home mechanical ventilation to children and young people.

The overall aim of the dissertation is to investigating and developing knowledge concerning ventilator-dependent young people and children and their families life situation. Professional caregivers' perspective is also considered.

I have been working as an intensive care nurse and a research nurse at Sahlgrenska University Hospital before I became a doctoral student in 2015.


Principal Supervisor


  • Katja Laakso, Sahlgrenska Akademin
  • Agneta Markström, Akademiska Sjukhuset Uppsala
  • Carina Persson, Linnéuniversitetet

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