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Malin Jakobsson

Malin Jakobsson

Doctoral Student


Department of Caring Science

Phone: 033-4354712

E-mail: malin.jakobsson@hb.se

Room number: E523

Signature: mlja

I work as a PhD student within The Human Perspective in Care, with the project: Adolescents and Sleep: Promoting and Supporting Health

I am a specialist Nurse in Paediatric Care and Primary Health Care. When I worked as a school nurse, I met students with symptoms of sleep problems on a daily basis. Partly in the form of headache and general fatigue but also in the form of concentration difficulties and mental illness.

Sleep is a health aspect that is related to the ability to accommodate school education and therefore falls within the context of student health care. In order to develop the promotional work around sleep, further knowledge is needed. Above all, knowledge based on adolescents own experiences and stories about sleep and how support can be designed. This kind of research is currently limited both nationally and internationally. My research has four sub-studies to provide a better knowledge of the sleep and health in adolescents, creating a base of knowledge for student health, schools, parents and society in general for promoting and supporting health.

  • Study 1: The aim is to describe the prevalence of self-reported sleep duration and insomnia and to explore their associations with school stress, self-perception, and technology use among adolescents.
  • Study 2: The aim is to describe the experiences of adolescent about the disturbance of their sleep.
  • Study 3: The aim is to describe adolescents´ experiences of sleep and school stress.
  • Study 4: Is under planning.

The research project is funded by external means, where funds from Sparbanksstiftelsen constitute the basis for a LIC.


Principal Supervisor