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Tore Johansson

Tore Johansson

Faculty Controller

Phone: 033-4354403

Mobile: 0732-305919

E-mail: tore.johansson@hb.se

Room number: L308/L409

Signature: TOJ

Tore Johansson, a PhD-candidate in Business administration, is focusing his research on management, control and organizing. In his PhD-study, he is concentrating his research to governance mechanisms in public procurement. The study takes a special focus on the practice of the involved actors – the buyer and seller (i.e. what, how and why they are doing what they are doing when they participate in the public procurement process).

Currently, Tore Johansson is in Australia to do a comparative study of how public procurement is developing in Australia compared with Sweden. Australia has a long tradition of public procurement and historically the trends of public procurement in Australia have appeared in Sweden as well but with a few years delay. Tore Johansson is planned to defend his doctoral thesis at the end of 2020.