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Veronica Johansson

Veronica Johansson

Senior Lecturer

Swedish School of Library and Information Science

Phone: 033-4355968

Mobile: 0703-344538

E-mail: veronica.johansson@hb.se

Room number: C515

Signature: VEJ

Teaching and research

My research interests comprise different lines of inquiry concerning visual analytics and data visualisations in various contexts, primarily: users’ interactions with and interpretations of visualisations of data; critical literacies for data visualisations; critical and sociotechnical perspectives on data and visual representation; HCI and interaction design perspectives on visualisations; issues of privacy and ethics connected to visualisations of social data; and digital strategies for data and visualisations in organisations.

I currently hold a part-time assignment as academic advisor to the European Commission in an expert group concerning ethical issues connected to connected and automated driving (EU ethics CAD).

My teaching mainly concerns information policy with focus on privacy and GDPR; data strategies and visualisations for organisational development; qualitative research methods (interviews, observations, contextual inquiry) and data analysis. I also supervise and examine student essays on bachelor and master levels, and co-supervise doctoral students.

Title of Dissertation

A Time and Place for Everything? Social Visualisation Tools and Critical Literacies


Research Groups

Supervision of doctoral students