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Göran Jutengren

Göran Jutengren


Senior Lecturer

Department of Work Life and Social Welfare

Phone: 033-4354767

Mobile: 070-6156054

E-mail: goran.jutengren@hb.se

Room number: d701

Signature: GOJU

Göran Jutengren received his Ph D in Psychology at the University of Gothenburg, defending his thesis ”Dealing with Intergenerational Disagreements: Parental Authority in Swedish Families.” Since then his research has concerned various issues within the realm of public health, such as domestic violence and harsh parenting, risk factors for mental illness and sick leave prevention, and children's mental health and well-being in the school environment, as well as the planning and structuring of healthcare organisations.

After he earned his Ph D, Jutengren held a position as research leader at the R & D unit of Primary Health Care in Southern Älvsborg, followed by a postdoc position at Youth & Society, Örebro University. He has also served as a statistical consultant in various research projects, e.g. at the research centre for healthcare at the University Hospital of Örebro.

In his current position as senior lecturer at the University of Borås, Jutengren has been involved in applied research at FoU Sjuhärad Welfare, where he also has managed two externally financed evaluation projects. 

Title of Dissertation

Dealing with Intergenerational Disagreements: Parental Authority in Swedish Families (2004)



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