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Cooler doors at the grocer's reduce the store's energy needs and costs when it comes to goods that need to be kept chilled. But how is the customer affected? That is the subject of my thesis Exploring Barriers to Energy Efficiency in Supermarkets which I defended in 2018. 

The aim of the thesis was to gain knowledge of how to improve energy efficiency and the store layout for chilled groceries by adding consumer insights. The results show how details such as doors can affect consumers’ perceptions and behaviors. The details that matter concern how consumers perceive and behave in relation to having doors or no doors on cabinets, with different forms of approach or avoidance behavior in terms of accessibility, both beneficial and problematic.

It is important to take into account the customer when working with technology, to combine resource recovery with retail research and consumer behaviour. The retail situation in the store must be functional for the consumer and there is much left to do to increase efficiency and accessibility.

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Exploring Barriers to Energy Efficiency in Supermarkets.

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