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Tuwe Löfström

Tuwe Löfström


Department of Information Technology

Phone: 033-4354236

E-mail: tuwe.lofstrom@hb.se

Room number: L440

Signature: TUL

I am a lecturer in Computer Science. My research field is machine learning and data mining. My research have been focused on ensembles and predicting with confidence. I have been an employee of the University of Borås since 2003. 

I am currently involved in three research projects financed by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, the Knowledge Foundation, and EU.

The name of my thesis is: On Effectively Creating Ensembles of Classifiers - Studies on Creation Strategies, Diversity and Predicting with Confidence

All my publications can be found at my Google Scholar page.


Best Master Thesis in Informatics 2004.