Regarding the novel coronavirus: The University of Borås has extended yellow level until 8 November. Yellow level means that university operations are to continue but that physical contact should be minimised as much as possible. The university has moved over to online instruction as far as possible. Stay updated.

Here you find information about the research conducted by the university’s 31 professors, 172 senior lecturers, 171 lecturers, and 67 doctoral students (April 2020).

Ameera Mansour

Ameera Mansour

Swedish School of Library and Information Science

Phone: 033-4354061

E-mail: ameera.mansour@hb.se

Room number: C311

Signature: AMMA

Ameera has joined the University of Borås in mid February 2012 as a doctoral student. She is also a member of The Linnaeus Centre for Research on Learning, Interaction and Mediated Communication in Contemporary Society (LinCS). Her research interest is focused on understanding and exploring the evolution of information literacies and practices, resulting from the current phenomenon of social media. The main focus here is to examine the evolution of new forms of information literacies and learning ecologies associated with social media tools, including the way people use these media to create, access, shape and share information.

Ameera has a Master of Science degree from Linnaeus University, School of Computer Science Physics and Mathematics, Vaxjo-Sweden. The main focus of her master studies was on understanding the relationship between organizations, people, and technology. Her master thesis was based on an exploratory case study in an attempt to explore and understand the role of Learning Management Systems (LMSs) in educational environments from students' and teachers' perspectives.  She also holds a Bachelor degree from Najah National University, School of Computer and Information Science, Palestine.

Title of Dissertation

Information Literacies and New Media


Principal Supervisor