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Lina Palmér

Lina Palmér

Senior Lecturer

Department of Caring Science

Phone: 033-4354457

Mobile: 070-3669653

E-mail: lina.palmer@hb.se

Room number: D726

Signature: LIP

Lina Palmér is a senior lecture at University of Borås, Faculty of Caring Science, Work Life and Social Welfare. Lina is both a registered nurse and midwife with working experience from neonatal care, birth and postpartum care as well as gynaecological care. Lina’s special interest is about breastfeeding, both in clinical work as well as in research. Lina has been working as a clinical nurse/midwife for about 10 years, most of the clinical experience is from breastfeeding care at a Breastfeeding Clinic and from postpartum care. Lina has a PhD in caring science. She defended her thesis about women’s initial breastfeeding experiences in May 2015 – Breastfeeding and Existence. Motherhood, Vulnerability, and Interdependency When Breastfeeding is Initiated, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Linnaeus University, Sweden.

Her main research interest is about the meaning of breastfeeding for women and she has a special interest in the research approach of life world phenomenology and hermeneutic. Lina is also interested in breastfeeding and feminism as well as breastfeeding and women’s existence as a mother. She working with instrument development, validation and psychometric analysis methods. As a part of her post doc research Lina is working with:

  • Development, validation and psychometric analysis of Initial Breastfeeding Experience Questionnaire (IBEQ)
  • Women’s breastfeeding stories as an expander for caring – an intervention
  • Women-centred breastfeeding care: A theory development for caring
  • The female body: Meanings of sexual and reproductive health as it is experienced by women

Lina is a member in a research group at University of Borås called Existence and Learning. Lina is a supervisor in two doctoral research projects at University of Borås. One project is about caring conversation with young vulnerable people and the other is about clinical training in nursing education. She is also a member in the research group Childbirth research at University of Gothenburg.

Title of Dissertation

Breastfeeding and Existence: Motherhood, Vulnerability and Interdependency when Breastfeeding is Initiated.


Research Groups

Supervision of doctoral students


Scientific leader in Caring Science
Leader for the research group Caring and Learing on Lifeworld basis
Member in the Committee of Education