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Here you find information about the research conducted by the university’s 65 professors, 173 senior lecturers, 170 lecturers, and 88 doctoral students (Mars 2019).

Tobias Richards

Tobias Richards


Department of Resource Recovery and Building Technology

Phone: 033-4354207

Mobile: 0732-305964

E-mail: tobias.richards@hb.se

Room number: D819

Signature: TORI

I work as a professor within the field of resource recovery where I focus on thermal treatment. This means techniques such as pyrolysis, gasification and combustion.

I have worked at the University of Borås since the fall 2009. Before that, I studied a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering with Engineering Physics at Chalmers University of Technology. At this university, I also pursued my PhD within the field of Chemical Engineering Design and Forest Products and Chemical Engineering. After a year as post-doc at University of Maine, Orono, I came back for a position as first assistant professor and then senior lecturer. I became docent at this university as well.

At present, I am the main supervisor of five doctoral students funded by  the Energy Agency,the Nigerian government, University of Borås and Sida. I also have funding from Sparbanksstiftelsen Sjuhärad.

Title of Dissertation

Recovery of Kraft Black Liquor – Alternative Processes and System Analysis