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Fredrika Sundberg

Fredrika Sundberg

Doctoral Student

Department of Caring Science

E-mail: fredrika.sundberg@hb.se

Room number: E531

Signature: FRSU

I am a doctoral student in caring science at the University of Borås. My dissertation is part of the research programme Evidence-based design in high-tech health care environments - a challenge for the future. The project has received funding from the Swedish Research Council. In my dissertation, the healthcare environment in intensive care units (ICU) is examined. This dissertation aims to examine if and how an ICU-room, which has been designed using the principles for evidence-based design, affects safety, wellbeing, and functionality - for patients, loved ones, and staff.

I am a critical care nurse and since 2015, I work at the University of Borås. I have been a lecturer in the educational programme for nursing as well as postgraduate diplomas in specialist nursing in critical care. Prior to this employment, I worked as a critical care nurse at the hospital in Skövde.

At the University of Borås, I belong to the research group Care provision in high-technology environments. Care provision in high-technology environments is based on a caring science perspective where the intent is to seek and gain knowledge about what is care-supporting in different health care settings when care is increasingly characterised by high-technology. 

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