About the ceremony

Here is some practical information about the doctoral degree conferment ceremony which is a part of the academic ceremony at the university. The ceremony takes place annually in the beginning of May.


All newly-minted doctoral degree recipients who receive their degree during the relevant time period will be contacted and invited to participate in the ceremony. For the ceremony in 2019, the relevant time period is 1 March 2018 - 28 February 2019.


Promovendi (those who have received a doctoral degree and are participating in the ceremony) will be photographed prior to the event so that there will be current photographs available. On the ceremony day, a group photograph will be taken together with the promotor (the Latin term for the person conferring the degrees) and the Vice-Chancellor. The ceremony is documented by a photographer and participants will receive photographs after the event.


We take photos and film during the ceremony as well as the reception for future use in articles, marketing etc. This makes it possible for guests to be seen on photos and film. 


The day prior to the ceremony a mandatory dress rehearsal is held for all involved in the ceremony.


You may invite at most four guests to the ceremony. When you have registered your attendance, the university's Master of Ceremonies will contact you about your guests. The dress code for your guests is semi-formal.


Read more about the university's insignia.

Dress code

For those receiving the degree, the dress code is formal. You can also wear a folk costume or a military dress uniform. 

Men: Tailcoat with a white vest and white bowtie, black socks and black shoes.
Women: Floor-length gown or trouser suit or a floor-length skirt with separate top. Any colour.

You bear your own costs for this.


The Student Union determines the marshalls who will participate in the ceremony. The marshalls are flag-bearers and ushers.


After the ceremony, you and your guests are invited to a reception close to the ceremony location.


The event opens and closes with a procession led by the Vice-Chancellor. All those being conferred a degree will participate in the procession as well as others who have received their doctoral degree at the university and external guests who have doctorates.


The promotor is determined for each event by the Research and Education Board.

If you have any questions, please contact the Master of Ceremonies, Johanna Avadahl.