Licentiate degree

The licentiate degree requires that you as a doctoral student have passed the courses in the doctoral programme and have had a research paper approved. The paper should have been presented and reviewed at a public seminar.

The licentiate degree requires a minimum of 120 ECTS credits. The number of course credits for a licentiate degree varies but the requirements are specified in the general curricula for each research area. The outcome of the seminar will be documented in a "Minutes of licentiate degree seminar" (F17) signed by the examiner, and adjusted by the supervisor.

Registration for licentiate seminar

Registration for a licentiate seminar must be made not later than two months in advance to the relevant Research Education Committee which determines the time, place and chairperson of the seminar.

Design and printing

Licentiate theses may either be a compilation of work consisting of papers with a written framework ("kappa", or introductory chapter of a compilation thesis), or formulated as a monograph. The "kappa" should include a popular scientific summary in Swedish (a maximum of one page). The work must also have a title page, equivalent to a thesis's "spikblad" (notification of submission of a doctoral thesis), which contains information on the title of the work, author, time and location of the seminar. There should also be an abstract in English. The work must have an ISBN number, which can be obtained from the university library, before printing takes place.

At least two weeks before the seminar, a popular scientific summary (a maximum of one page) must be sent to the Communications Department for press release.

Form sheets