Objectives, content and governance

On these pages you can read about the objectives for a doctoral degree, how the University of Borås' research education is managed, student influence and how we ensure that the education is held at a high international standard.

Being a doctoral student at the University of Borås means that you will conduct a research project and take doctoral courses leading to a doctorate. You may also perform teaching or administrative duties in pursuit of your doctorate. This process is sometimes marked by with milestone step of a licentiate degree. Two different types of theses can be completed depending on the subject area's own tradition: a monograph or a compilation thesis. During your education, you will receive and have the right to the continuous supervision of experienced researchers in your research area. 

Doctoral studies up to the doctorate are equivalent to four years of study (240 ECTS credits, where 1.5 credits is equivalent to one week of full-time study). The licentiate degree can be a milestone, especially in particular areas and is taken after about half of the study time. Completing a doctorate involves sometimes demanding and challenging work but is also perceived as a free and independent way of working with many stimulating questions.  It is important to receive the support of other students or your supervisor to work through and find solutions to the challenges you face.

In addition to your research work and your subject studies, within your doctoral studies you may engage in teaching and administrative duties to develop your pedagogic and communicative capabilities. This is seen as an important part of your personal development over time as a doctoral student. Teaching and administrative duties for students who have full-time employment can include up to 20% of working time. Your doctoral studies will be extended by one year and the total doctoral study time will therefore be five years.