Image of notification of the thesis defence

Notification of the thesis defence

Nailing the thesis to the log in the University Library is a tradition which is accompanied by the e-publication of the thesis in full-text in our digital archive DiVA, according to the University's publication policy. Accordingly, you must prepare the digital registration/publication well before it is time to nail the thesis to the log. One week ahead is the minimum of preparation time that the Library requires before publication in DiVA.

Thus, all-in-all, the thesis needs to be brought to the library administrator no less than 4 weeks before defence of the doctoral thesis. Digital e-publication makes the dissertation (thesis) accessible on the Internet which is of great importance. 

Remember that e-publication makes your thesis easily accessible to an infinite number of people and thus inappropriate statements in the framework of your thesis or remarks which may offend certain groups in society must not occur.