Examination Board

The members of the Examination Board for doctoral theses at the University of Borås must at least have the formal merits/positions corresponding to associate professor or professor. The examination board is normally composed of three or five members. The majority of the board members must have another employer than the University of Borås.

The constituents of the doctoral thesis (i.e. publications in scientific journals) or, when relevant, a monograph manuscript, should be sent to the examining committee three months (during the academic semester time) before the scheduled defence of the thesis. The Examination Board has three weeks to determine whether or not the scientific level meets national and international academic standards. By the end of the assessment period, the board has to decide if the scientific work is adequate for defence. If the standards are met, the Research Education Committee is notified and the date for the defence is determined. The approval of the scientific work is sent to the doctoral student and the principal supervisor by email.

Uncertainties regarding constituents of the thesis

When questions arise, inconsistencies appear, or matters of criticism occur from members of the Examination Board, the Chairperson of the Research Education Committee (REC) should be addressed. The latter will initiate a discussion on the topic within the REC. 

Note! In the event that the Examination Board finds the scientific work in the thesis of poor academic standard and insufficient for public defence as a doctoral thesis, the defence must be postponed. A decision to postpone a defence must be written and include suggestions for improvement.

Distinctive efforts

Two doctoral students can write their doctoral theses based on the same scientific work, or almost the same material, in compilation theses. However, it must be possible to distinguish and define their efforts.  The principal supervisor(s) must explicitly describe the specific contribution from each of the doctoral students in the scientific work.

Communication with the Examination Board

The principal supervisor should confirm participation by personally communicating with each member of the Examination Board to ascertain that the members have not misinterpreted the date and time for the defence of the thesis, and thus risk being absent from the event. (At Textile Design, this is done by the director of studies.). If a member of the committee fails to attend the event, the appointed substitute member from the University of Borås will fill the vacancy. 

The information that must be sent to the Examination Board by the Research Education Committee (by email) is: