Doctoral education coursework

Doctoral studies, in addition to the research work, include course components that provide a general introduction to science and research, in-depth knowledge of the subject, and method knowledge and skills that are beneficial for the thesis or preparing for a continued research career. The structure of the coursework is different between areas of doctoral education; this is clearly seen in the general curricula. The general curricula also show which courses or elements are required for a doctoral degree to be granted.

The different areas of research at the university provide many of the necessary courses included in the doctoral education coursework. In addition, university-wide courses are offered through the university's Research and Education Board (FoU). The university-wide courses are aimed primarily at the university's own students. However, if there is room, external doctoral students can participate.

Credit transfer for prior university studies

It may be possible to receive credit for courses from your undergraduate or previous graduate studies in the doctoral programme. What credits can possibly be transferred can be discussed in consultation with your supervisor, examiner or director of studies.

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