Extension of employment time 

The position as a PhD student is limited in time and may normally be held for a maximum of 5 years, with a minimum of 4 years devoted to the part of your research education consisting of courses and research assignments. The remaining time is devoted to teaching or other departemental work assignments if cases where this is included in your contract. Corresponding time for a licentiate degree is 2.5 years (with a minimum of 2 years devoted to your studies).

Employment may be extended for a certain period beyond five years if there are justifiable reasons. As for statutory leave (sick leave, parental leave, student union work, etc.), employment is extended for the equivalent time for you as a doctoral student.

The process to extend the appointment of doctoral students is started by the director of studies at your faculty.  Your current individual study plan, TFU, as well as extracts from Ladok are the basis for the decision taken by the relevant Dean of Faculty. Research officers at the Faculty Support Office ensure that the correct form is filled in and sent to the HR department together with Ladok extracts. The total study time including part-time work or leaves of absence may not exceed eight years at the speed of half-time from the date you were admitted.