Consultation about teaching and learning in higher education

Do you wonder what blended learning is? Do you need help writing a course syllabus? Are you interested in learning more about how (new) technology can be used in your teaching? Do you want to discuss questions about your teaching skills? Are you looking for alternative modes of examination?

You can receive practical and educational support in order to develop your teaching practice. Supervision is applied individually or in groups. There are also regular courses and activities concerning teaching and learning in higher education. You can read more about these on the Courses page.

If you have questions of educational nature or if you want to discuss something that concern your role as a teacher or your teaching, please contact Marie Hjalmarsson at the Department of Educational Development and Research.

Areas that the Department´s employees work with are:

• Questions about supervision

• Measures to prevent plagiarism

• Flexible learning (blended learning; teaching and learning, technology)

• Examination, assessment, and grading

• Course Design

• Pedagogical use of PING PONG

• Equal conditions and teaching; norm-critical pedagogy

• Action research